A Free Educational Resource Created by Carnegie Mellon University to Empower You to Secure Your Part of Cyberspace

Secure My Cyberspace

Which cybersecurity threats and issues are important for you to know? How do you protect yourself and your family? Based on the activity you do online, the Secure My Cyberspace tool gives you clear explanations of potential problems and your options to solve them. Also, you'll receive definitions, suggested tools and protective measures to help you out, whether you use the Internet from home, work or on the road.

For security advice, select an activity you do online:

  • Blogging, Homepages, and Social Networking Sites Publishing content on the Web so others can see it
  • Digital Documents Handling text, graphical and audio files in electronic format
  • E-commerce Buying items online and conducting business over the Internet
  • E-money Activities such as online banking, online money transfers and online trading
  • Email Sending and receiving electronic messages over a computer network
  • File Sharing Using a network to download and upload music, movies, and other files with others
  • Games Playing online games or games run from your computer
  • Instant Messaging and Chat Communicating in real time with other Internet users
  • Web Browsing Visiting Web pages and seeking information on the World Wide Web
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