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MySecureCyberspace Privacy Policy

MySecureCyberspace® is a portal that is committed to protecting your privacy online. The following guidelines explain what personal information we ask for and why, how we use and protect it, and how this site uses cookies.

These guidelines apply to the current MySecureCyberspace web pages and may be modified as new features are added to the site.

The portal is being run by Carnegie Mellon CyLab.

What personal information we collect

When you apply to become a registered user of MySecureCyberspace, we ask for your username and password, your email address, and your preferences for News and Alerts, as well as external educational sites that you want to be easily reachable from our homepage. This information allows us to customize your home page and store educational material you are interested in. We also ask for the kinds of mobile devices you use, to be able to send you, via electronic bulletins, specific guidelines should a new threat came out for your brand or model. Member personalization settings are not used in any other way and are not used to identify members' interests for the purposes of direct marketing, mailing, or emailing.

How we use your personal information

Information collected on this site is used to serve you better or to perform the services you request. Personal information gathered on this site is not sold or distributed to third parties. Information in server logs is used for system administration only.

How we protect your information

All member information – including usernames and email addresses – is stored behind a "firewall", and defenses have been put in place to protect your information from outside attack by hackers and curious visitors. We protect your password by not storing it at all. (We instead pass it and a random "salt" through a one-way cryptographic hash function and store the resulting value, from which your password cannot be retrieved.)

How to unregister

To unregister, users can send an email to the Web portal administrator asking to be removed.

How to opt-out of announcements

To opt-out of announcements, users can click the Devices link in the footer and uncheck any mobile-device security advisories they had previously signed up to receive. (By default, they will receive none.)

How this site uses cookies

Some applications on this site use "cookies." MySecureCyberspace does not use these or any other technique to gather personal information about you without your knowledge. If we need information, we explicitly ask you.

Cookies allow us to maintain our single sign-on feature – the feature that allows registered users to sign on once on our site, and maintain their active sign-on state while browsing through pages. These cookies do not contain any personally identifying information. We use only "session cookies," which are destroyed when you exit your web browser.

How we use your passwords

Passwords will be transmitted encrypted via SSL.

Policy changes

If there will be a change in the policy, users will be notified and they will have the possibility to unregister.

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