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Focus on Social Networking Safety

Carnegie Mellon University and Web Wise Kids partnered to create a game for middle school children to teach them the importance of using social networking sites responsibly. BeSeen  is a free mobile app that simulates a social networking website in a single-player game. The player creates a profile and starts earning "friend" characters and interacting with them. The player learns about others through their posts and helps them through challenges in order to win awards and make new friends.

In addition to using BeSeen in the classroom, educators can refer to the following articles for discussion topics on social networking safety.

Carnegie Cadets: The MySecureCyberspace Game

Designed for upper elementary school children, The MySecureCyberspace Game is available to registered users at the Carnegie Cyber Academy Web site . By joining the Academy, children can battle Cyber Villains and learn how to be good cybercitizens while having fun at the computer.

In addition to the game download, the Carnegie Cyber Academy Web site gives teachers and parents a number of resources to explore with children. Don't miss the Fun Stuff  page, where a number of interactive features and games reside.

Find articles, curriculum and other educational resources to bring lessons in cybersecurity into your classroom.


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